wordpress does not accept .docx file, but doc ok.

    My rate for support is $33.00 per hour. I bill to the quarter hour for support. I bill monthly. When you request my services you are hiring me for the task. If you have a managed hosting plan, the hours will be deducted from your account. Thank you!
  • Please provide a description of the work you desired to be completed here as well as a time you would like to have the work completed. I usually am quick about turnaround but I will let you know where you are in the development que if it is super busy.

    Technical issues on websites or email will be handled immediately or as soon as possible of course.

    Development Planning - My schedule is booked a few weeks to months ahead and I am often out shooting video. I will let you know when I can complete the work for you. I would plan a few weeks out for example. Thank you for your professionalism in advance.
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    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, svg, ai, eps, mp3, xls, .