Google Targets Small Business Profiles


I have had repeated issues with Google changing my Google Business Profile. They say it is all fixed and then go and change it back to the way it was again. I did not edit my business title like this, they did! As you can see in screenshots below, you can edit how you want and they display it how they want. Why would I title my website “Work(Winstead Media | Web Design, Aerial Photography and 360° Virtual Tours)”?

Then when I see that, I write a support request to them and explain that there is no place for me to change it and show them screenshots, they respond with the very set of instructions, I told them would not work. So then we spend weeks going back and forth, because they don’t allow calls to go through to GBP (Google Business Profile) support. So you are left with sending a email to a low level support person. Then you get a lame response like this one below. They know as it was explained in the request, this does not work, yet they send it anyway. 

The criminals have gone out of their way today to even edit my php.ini, to turn off the file uploads to my website! I tried to write a post and add a image and I kept getting errors about not having server resources and file size. Turns out someone had manipulated the php.ini file on my website on the server!

That would be an amazing trick as I have 2 factor authentication setup on my server, my website and the site was scanned by siteground site scanner to look for malicious code, so it would have to be a employee that is hacking the site, Google hosts all of Siteground websites. This is Siteground’s response to the file uploading failures.

I have asked Siteground, who changed the php.ini file and added this code and here is their response. You draw your own conclusion, was the sever hacked? Are the employees corrupt? Is it the corrupt intelligence community that has been overtaken by criminals acting as federal employees and defense contractors? I added Google Site Kit to my plugin list yesterday and they had access to the website, the business profile and the server. Maybe this is the issue or door?