About me

Hello, I am a true product of my community, the Sauk Valley. I was born in Rochelle, then moved to Dixon at 6 months old  and went to school in Dixon, Sterling, Rock Falls, Galt and Emerson throughout the years- Go Bulldogs! After graduating from Sterling High, I spent a few years in the Service. After returning home, I attended Sauk Valley Community College and I found something I really enjoy, web design -Thank you Val W.

I worked as an intern for the Dixon YMCA building my first website, Thank you Keri and Andy for the opportunity! Prior to that I was helping start Ken Nelson’s Internet sales department (2001), that was much fun too. Thank you Rick C., Warren G., and Rick P.

I had also cut my teeth if you will, on working on larger websites like Sauk Valley Media’s saukvalley.com and related sites as a Digital Media Coordinator and later as a Director, Thank you Trevis M, Ed B. and Bob W. for the education.

Prior to all of that I was part of a start of what is now a successful business at 15 years old. We started the Winstead Pallet & Mulch company out of Emerson, Illinois. We started in our garage with my father and 2 brothers. The economy was really bad in the early 80’s, my father was laid off at the steel mill and he ran out of unemployment. With no jobs around for a high school dropout, my father went to work for himself. So we started this business to survive really.  But it taught me a lot about life and how real it gets.

I am married to a wonderful wife of 25 years and two lovely children who attend Sauk Valley Community College as well. Our daughter just entered the Nursing program at SVCC. I live in Dixon and work from my home office.